Barbara J O'Neil, lmt, rmt 

Licensed, Professional Healing Arts Practitioner~
     Therapeutic Bodywork, Energy Healing, Spiritual Direction, Intuitive Reader. Anamcara   

Monthly Buddhist Studies

I am so very happy to introduce my friend, mentor and dear Tibetan Buddhist teacher "Geshe-la" to our community those who visit. We host Geshe-la on the 3rd Sunday of each month through November to give teachings, Q&A, and lead us in meditation. 


It's one of my life's great stories to tell, of how I met the Ven. Geshe Ngawang Singey, the respected man and Tibetan monk I came to know and call teacher and friend while cohabitating n VT at Turtle Pointe, the farmhouse retreat that was 'my baby'. By far one of the wisest and most influential people in my life, Geshe-la patiently answered my endless questions about Buddhism and poured out teachings over countless cups of tea around the farmhouse table, lingering long into the evening as each answer brought on more questions. There would be a lot of  laughter too as I tried to understand his English and I knew zero Tibetan and my English sounded so foreign to his ears too. But this made me listen harder, and when even that failed, he would call out to his translator and with sleepy eyes Ed would join us around the table to clarify my many questions. I can hardly believe so many years have gone by since then!