Barbara J O'Neil, lmt, rmt 

Licensed, Professional Healing Arts Practitioner~
     Therapeutic Bodywork, Energy Healing, Spiritual Direction, Intuitive Reader. Anamcara   

Integrative Bodywork, Energy & Manual Therapies

Expert, Authentic, Intuitive, Professional
25 years professional experience
Ct license #0089

Skillfully weaving multi- modalities employing : CranioSacral, MyoFacial release, Visceral Mobilization, Manual Lymphatic Drainage, Foot Reflexology, Massage Therapy, Reiki Energy Healing (Usui/Karuna Master/Teacher levels), Chakra balancing, Meridian clearing.

60 min $85  /  75 min $110   /  90 min $135

Well described as 'Energywork Grounded in Anatomy',  a therapeutic session with Barbara O'Neil  focuses on high leverage areas that present for the greatest impact each session offers for a positive therapeutic effect on the body, mind, heart, spirit and soul that is transformative.
Employing a number of manual & energy medicine therapies in a uniquely integrative style, her bodywork sessions clear meridian stagnancy & energy blocks, open channels in the physical body to allow more higher-Self energy/light into the cells to ignite and purify cellular memory, eases barriers to healing, and restores a coherent flow of energy between the Light body and physical body. It is often reported by clients they feel 'more themSelves' following a session.  Soft tissue visceral mobilization is integrated to release emotional buildup held in the organs, bringing ease to rib cage and spine and enhancing awareness of breath, increasing an inner feeling of well being.  Advanced craniosacral therapy techniques and decompression holds focused at the head and upper cervical areas  have restorative/balancing effects upon the central nervous system tension and a deep relaxation of facial, head and neck occurs.  Barbara's gifted, sensitive palpation skills coupled with a 'tuned-in intuition' activated by touch and motivated by the highest intention for those she helps, elevates her bodywork to a sublime experience.